Hi There! My name is Jasna and I’m a wedding photographer. Obviously, you already know that, which is why you are here. I was born and rised in Croatia but decided to follow my dreams here in Ireland. I’m just thinking out loud and trying to formally introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my photography and how I love to make memories. Honestly, this formal introduction just isn’t me, so I’m going to try and just be myself and give you a little bit of insight into who I am…

You know, as kids we have all had a dream of what we’d like to be when we grow up, or what toy we wanted for Christmas. I’ve always been like that – the big dreamer! I was constantly visualizing something or exploring the depths of my imagination. My father recognized my imaginative and creative spirit and enrolled me into music school. Unfortunately, my stubbornness got in the way so that didn’t last very long. Somehow, I found myself applying for an art course. That was the element I was missing.

Later on, towards the end of my high school year, I somehow started taking random photos with my father’s camera. I’m not quite sure how or what got me interested in photography, but looking back, I think I had found an inner call that was pointing me in that direction.

At first, I started experimenting with photographing nature. That quickly developed into conning my friends into being my portrait models. You know, I was even passionate enough and just a little crazy that I sold all the gold jewellery I had so I could buy my first camera. You can just imagine my mom’s reaction when she found out. This was the point my dreams developed, just like a photograph into a great chapter in my life and I fell in love with wedding photography.

A wise woman once said: “Every reaction in life starts with an emotion.” Being able to capture these emotions during the special day in someone’s life is something significant.

For me, that special moment when I connect with my happy couple is the most important part of my work. Anyone can take a photo, but what I look for is those special moments. That secret look the couple shares, or a moment when they touch hands without even realizing it. Those are the magical moments I love and it is this freedom that inspires me to tell their story in a unique and touching way. When my couple has faith in my vision and believes I can show their story by capturing real memories, showing true emotions, then I am confident I can deliver something very real that will show them the magic that they can cherish for a lifetime. It is my sincerest hope that you will give me the privilege of capturing your story and putting it together as a precious and lasting memory.

Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to hearing more from you.