I want to show you this special bridal inspiration shooting.

When Maja from Showroom first told me about this idea I was very amazed. She told me about this session like this is a real movie. My mind was blowing and I told her that I need to be part of this project! With these photos, we wanted to show you a celebration of life, nature and tell you that your wedding could be like this. Just as beautiful as this story.

Also, I need to introduce you to these wonderful people who made all of this possible. Thank you to our model Petra, know as @skitnica on Instagram. Cakes are from talented Monika Kos. The skirt is from @fairytulle. And once again thank you Maja, Mia and Martina(Showroom) for making this possible.

And for my future brides and grooms. Yes, you could have something special on your big day. It is all possible! Just open your imagination and follow your intuition.

Enjoy the photos!