Late Sptember Wedding in CroatiaInka and Petar

I’m going to tell you a story on how I experienced the wedding of Inka and Petar. Now after almost four months, I’m trying to put together all my memories and emotions from this day.

Two months before the wedding, we have spent three days on the island of Pag, shooting their engagement session in Olive gardens of Lun. We went to the beach every day and just enjoyed on the sun and talked about life like we know each other for years. It was a really fun and relaxing weekend.

When it comes to their special day, I will remember this wedding for a long time. I couldn’t believe, that I can be a photographer and a guest at the same time. Special part of the day was when the best man couldn’t remove the rings from the pillow during the ceremony. We laughed so hard from the deep of our hearts. My best part starts after the dinner. The band Retrodukcija is now one of my favourite wedding bands for sure. You know when you heard an old song on the radio and you feel so happy because you haven’t heard this song for so long. It was exactly the same emotion for guests and me. I was dancing with them on songs I haven’t heard in a really long time and taking photos at the same time. I felt like I was at a festival listening to my favourite band and singing from the bottom of my lungs, together with the rest of the crowd. This was my first wedding that I stayed until the sunrise.

After all this, I just can say I feel very grateful for the whole experience. I had a really good time. I knew this was my last wedding in 2017, and afterwards, a couple of days later I moved to Dublin. Now everything starts from the beginning. I hope in the future, I’ll experience more weddings and have clients like this.

Wedding venue: Vinarija Coner
Brides dress: Alduk
Brides shoes: Aldo
Grooms suit and shoes: Martin Arbanas, Igrec
Flowers: DIY


I hope you will enjoy some of the moments I captured …